Australia’s Most Trusted Brand



It is with great pleasure we announce that Sayfa has been voted Category Winner for Accessibility in 2016 by Architecture & Design Trusted Brands. Thank you to our clients for believing in us and what we do.

... but what is it about Sayfa that makes us stand out from the crowd ... A.L.I.V.E.

  • Accountability / Totally responsible and answerable for our actions
  • Loyalty / Steadfast and dependable based on our values in our dealings with one another
  • Integrity / Honest and sincere, we do what we say, on time every time
  • Value Drive / Increase what's of value in view of a win win plan for all
  • Enthusiastic / Motivated and inspired to continuously peform better

We honestly feel we have the best team in height safety, but is there a way to make us even better? Why not take 2 minutes to tell us what we can do to add more value to your Sayfa experience? All valid entries will go into the draw for a $100 Coles Myer gift voucher. CLICK HERE.

Do you have something to share about a recent experience with Sayfa? Drop us a line.


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